• Pre-Construction Services


    Elite begins each project by estimating the timeline and costs for construction, renovation or other various contracting activities.  We assess the full project, the associated cash flow projections and also consider our client’s budget when preparing the estimate.  We also review the construction requirements of the project (labor, materials, architecture, project timeframe, etc.) , coordinate with utility companies that might be impacted during the project, and manage the permit processing and costs on behalf of the client in order to provide the most accurate budgeting assessment for the entire project.


    Once we present our client estimate we then consult with the client to answer any questions they may have.  If budgetary concerns arise we can address those concerns by making changes to the initial budgeting plan and/or offer alternatives if necessary.  Our goal here is to stay within the client’s budget while offering the most affordable, but still highest quality  products available.

    COST ANALYSIS/Value Engineering

    With every project, Elite conducts a full cost analysis of each step required to complete the project. This analysis is submitted to our clients for their approval and sign-off before the project begins.  If changes are required to the cost analysis we will revise the analysis fully, then re-submit it to the client for review.  We will not continue until the client approves the full and final cost analysis.

Construction Services
  • Construction Services


    Elite offers scheduling services for both the concept phase and the construction phase of each project. Scheduling is an important part of a project as it affects a wide range of issues such as budgeting, timeline and occupancy dates. Each scheduling service has critical project milestones, managed fully by Elite. Regular team meetings ensure open communication with our professionals working on each project which we then relay to our client should any major changes require scheduling revision.  During the construction phase of the project we monitor progress daily with a focus on maintaining the progress of each project so we can remain within our timeline projections.  During both phases we keep the client regularly informed on our progress as well as any unforseen events that could delay any steps in the process.


    Elite offers scheduling services for both the concept phase and the construction phase of each project. From contract administration and bid packages through contractor coordination and quality control, Elite manages each project with fiscal responsibility and progress as our chief concerns. After completion we also manage final inspections, occupancy permits and owner move-in dates (with large projects often involving owner evacuation), and we stay fully engaged on each project until contract close-out and final client approval.

  • Self Performing Trades

    Elite delivers exceptional value mostly due to our ability to complete work with our own forces. Self-performing on your project allows us to control every aspect – from pre-construction to punch lists, to project completion.

    Elite utilizes skilled tradesmen to meet the demands of our clients, regardless of the project size or market conditions. Our team’s depth of experience gives us the ability to customize your project while maintaining the highest levels of quality and safety standards and also remaining on schedule and on budget.

    Elite’s highly skilled, self-performing Drywall/Framing & Carpentry services team excels at meeting and exceeding challenges often faced during construction.

    Elite has made it a priority to purchase top tier equipment to aid our self-performing workforce in their daily operations.   By owning our equipment outright we are able to have greater control over the building process and our personnel are assured of having the right tool for the right job at the right time.

    Our Tradework is typically secured through the competetitive bid process, on a negotiated fixed sum basis, or via time and materials contracts.  We provide the following in house services:

    – Estimating
    – Cost Control
    – Procurement
    – Scheduling
    – Project Management
    – Field Supervision

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